EARLINET Data Policy

EARLINET aerosol profile data are reported in the EARLINET Data base: https://data.earlinet.org/ , and are accessible from this repository and from the ACTRIS Data Portal (http://actris.nilu.no). The data policy of these data is harmonized with the ACTRIS data policy.


Conditions of use

EARLINET aerosol profile data are freely available to individual users upon acceptance of this data usage policy. Usage of aerosol profile data should follow these principles:


Notice to users

The aerosol profile data are contributions from the ACTRIS and EARLINET consortium. Each aerosol profile site has Principal Investigator(s) (PI), responsible for deployment, maintenance and data collection. The PI has priority use of the data collected at the site. The PI is entitled to be informed of any other use of that site’s data. Users of the aerosol profile data must not redistribute these data to third parties, but encourage access and dissemination  of  EARLINET  data  directly  through  ACTRIS Data Portal or from  the  topical  data  base at https://data.earlinet.org/ to accept the data policy, and ensure the use of the latest version of the data.

Recommended guidelines for data use and publication

We require a reprint of any published papers or reports or a brief description of other uses (e.g., posters, oral presentations, etc.) of data downloaded from the EARLINET database. This will help us to determine the use of EARLINET aerosol profile data, which is helpful in optimizing product development. It also helps us to keep our product-related references current.

This Data Policy is also available as download.


15 November 2019